::Rules for our servers::
1. No hacking/cheating of any kind!
2. Exploiting the map or mechanics of the mods is prohibited!
3. Spawn camping is not allowed!
4. Be respectful of other players and admins.

::Server Donation ~ VIP Commands::  SALE ENDS 1/4/2014
All VIP levels come with chat tags and a reserved slot.  Please add FIST to make the donation.
FIST:  http://steamcommunity.com/id/THE_FIST/

Bronze VIP ~ 1 Key For Life

!resize (body size)
!resizehead (head size)
!unusual (unusual effects wep)

Silver VIP ~ 2.5 Keys For Life

Bronze VIP Included
!vote (call votes)
!colorize (change color)
!alpha (visibility)
!god (cannot die)

!tele (teleport self)

Gold VIP ~ 4 Keys For Life
Silver VIP Included
!bgod (building god)
!noclip (fly around)
!setspeed (speed of player)
!mypitch (set voice pitch)
!shop (store coming soon)
MVP ~ 2 Keys For Life (standalone)
MVP does not include any VIP levels, but you can add it do your existing VIP.  When you donate for MVP we will apply one unusual effect to one of your existing hats.  MVP will also grant you acess to !mm so you can use custom skins on the server.