::Rules for our servers::
1. No hacking/cheating of any kind!
2. Exploiting the map or mechanics of the mods is prohibited!
3. Spawn camping is not allowed!
4. Be respectful of other players and admins.

::Server Donation ~ VIP Commands:: 
All VIP levels come with chat tags and a reserved slot.  Please add FIST to make the donation.
FIST:  http://steamcommunity.com/id/THE_FIST/

Bronze VIP ~ 2 Key For Life

!kson @me [1/0]

!resize @me [.1-2]
!resizehead @me [.1-6]
!unusual [menu pop up]

Silver VIP ~ 4 Keys For Life

Bronze VIP Included
!vote " "Q" "A" "A" "
!colorize @me [color]
!alpha @me [0-255]
spell [menu pop up]

!pp @me [1/0]

Gold VIP ~ 6 Keys For Life
Silver VIP Included
!bgod @me [1/0]
!god @me [1/0]
!noclip @me [1/0]
!setspeed @me [.1-520]
!mypitch @me [24-256]
SERVER MOD ~ 15 Keys For Life
We are accepting donations for server admin (mod) for a limited time only.  We currently need a few new mods, but the window for server mod by donation will soon close, so act quickly if you want it.